Who We Work With

We can lend a hand together.

Often times, people that need our services don’t know how to find anyone that can do the work and they end up doing it themselves. We strive to create relationships and work with those that are likely to be made aware first so that they can provide education about assistance available. To see who we often work with, see below.

If you or someone you know would like to help us make a difference, please let us know. We’re excited to hear from you!

Emergency Responders

Police officers, deputy sheriffs, firefighters, paramedics, investigators (crime scene and homicide) and/or medical examiners are often on the scene first when an accident, homicide or suicide occur and can provide families and businesses with additional resources that address their needs.

Mental Health Professionals

Sometimes families have a loved one that suffers from hoarding and they call us to help cleanup and decontaminate the property. Since hoarding is a mental illness, a counselor is typically needed so we like to have a network of counselors that we can refer and vice versa.

Funeral Directors

Since the next of kin contacts the funeral home when their loved one passes, and begins working with a funeral director who arranges the removal of the deceased person, funeral homes are a great partner for us. The next of kin usually doesn't know who can cleanup the area the person was in so a funeral service can offer Bio Solutions as a resource.

Insurance Professionals

Since insurance professionals are one of the first to be contacted when something devastating happens in a home, like a homicide, we work closely with insurance agents and the claims departments so that they know their clients are in good hands and that they will have peace of mind getting things back to normal.

Real Estate Professionals

We understand that agents must have a network of trusted professionals when their buyers or sellers have needs for their home. As a trusted partner, we help agents sell faster and give both buyers and sellers peace of mind by making the environment safe for occupancy.

Pest Control Companies

As someone who is often face-to-face with rodents and insects, you know exactly how hazordous what they leave behind can be. While you get rid of the root of the problem, we get rid of the remnants, making the environment safer for your clients. Additionally, our clients are often in need of a pest control company when we are dealing with hoarding or gross filth.

Cleaning Professionals

We get requests for cleanup when there's nothing hazardous present so we like having a network of cleaning professionals to refer those prospects to. If you have a job that's too dangerous becase of the health hazards it presents, we'd be happy to help you and your client's stay safe.