What is Secondary Trauma?

Can you imagine walking down the street and encountering someone laying up against a car who has been shot? It would be traumatic! Homicide, suicide, or other tragic accidents can cause as much trauma for those involved as it can for those who are exposed to it. Having these encounters can cause a person to have flashbacks, post-traumatic stress. Not only do these types of events cause stress and anxiety for those who see them, but studies also show that those who have lost a family member to a violent or tragic death have been found to have higher prevalence rates of secondary trauma also called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in comparison to direct crime victims. Even seeing and smelling the aftermath of a tragic death or accident can cause trauma. Examples are:

  • Blood or blood stains
  • Urine or feces
  • Vomit 
  • Human hair, skin, or bone remnants
  • Weapons and other evidence that caused the death
  • The lingering stench from the decomposition of an undiscovered body

When coping with an unexpected death, it is wise to leave the clean-up to professionals and avoid exposure to a death scene, otherwise, you may risk suffering the long-term effects of what is known as Secondary Trauma.

What is Secondary Trauma?

Secondary Trauma occurs when a person is exposed to the graphic scenes of an aftermath of a murder, suicide, accident, or other unexpected death. Even hearing about a tragic event can cause secondary trauma. This kind of trauma is marked by the never-ending visual, and sometimes even olfactory, reruns of the scene as well as a deep fear of recurrence. People with this trauma can also develop a negative belief about themselves and the world, and feelings of guilt and responsibility.

This same type of trauma applies to exposure to extreme hoarding or gross filth situations as well. The disturbing sights and nauseating smells of a hoarded or filthy home can linger on in psychological memory for years, if not decades, and this can in turn lead to PTSD and other psychological issues.

Why You Need to Call A Biohazard Management Service 

Unfortunately, suicides, violent crimes, overdoses, and tragic accidents are increasing across the country, which requires the professional services of a biohazard cleanup service. When you enter a death scene or hoarding location, there is not only the onslaught of horrific sights and smells, there are many biohazards that can even make the air unsafe to breathe and surfaces unsafe to be touched.

This type of situation requires the expertise of experienced, trained, hazard cleaning, and decontamination professionals such as those provided by Bio Solutions. In our line of work, the situation can be very complex – especially if medical, criminal, or forensic investigations are required. We collaborate with law enforcement, emergency responders, funeral directors, social workers, and mental health care professionals to best serve the needs of our clients and our community. Our services include:

1. Suicide Cleanup – We will coordinate all aspects of clean up and leave the location looking as close as possible as it did prior to the unfortunate event.

2. Crime Scene Cleanup – We will work closely with law enforcement, then manage all aspects of cleanup and remediate areas where health hazards are present.

3. Accident Cleanup – We help businesses as well as homeowners, property managers, and renters who have had an accident occur that is also creating a hazardous environment.

4. Undiscovered Death Cleanup – The longer a body goes undiscovered, the more of a hazard it becomes for those exposed to the area. Our experts know how to take care of the ramifications, residue, and lingering stench of a decomposing body.

5. Hoarding or Gross Filth Cleanup – We will coordinate all aspects of the cleanup, including removing clutter to make the property a functional living space. We will also remediate areas where health hazards and odors are present.

We hope you will never have a reason to call a biohazard management and cleaning service, but if you do, Bio Solutions is your one-stop solution. We here to take care of the mess, and shield you from trauma. We can also refer you to a variety of resources to support you during this difficult time.