Sell Faster With Bio Solutions

“Dull” days don’t exist as a real estate agent. While this is one of the greatest things about being a real estate agent, it’s not always great for buyers and sellers. There are no two transactions alike which means there can often be many challenges to overcome.

There are many different challenges that can arise even before you’ve listed the home for sale. You’ll look much better in the eyes of the seller and buyer if you help navigate through these challenges. Having a company like Bio Solutions on your side can help you overcome these challenges and sell faster.

How Bio Solutions can help:

We remediate odor

 As a real estate agent, you’re the non-biased person that can give an opinion on how the home smells. If there is the slightest sign that there is pet or smoke odor, it needs to be addressed immediately. No one wants to buy a stinky home.

Gross filth or hoarding cleanup

If a person living with gross filth or a hoarding issue lived in a home you are now trying to sell, it’s important to get the area professionally cleaned and in a state to sell. Bio Solutions will take the stress off of the homeowner and you, the real estate agent, and get the home ready to go on the market. The New York Times walks us through the sale of a hoarder’s home and the issues that are incurred.

Undiscovered or accidental death cleanup

Not only would this be a stressful time for a would-be seller, but an issue that would need to be taken care of immediately. Our professional staff is trained in determining everything that is impacted and will remediate it entirely so you can rest assured no hazards are present.  

These issues can, therefore, keep a house from being ready to go on the market. They can also keep a listing on the market for much longer than it should be. So, getting knowledgeable professionals in to take care of these matters is essential in getting it on the market quickly.  If you ever run into these issues, give us a call 24/7 at 301.378.0702. We’ll be sure to get you selling faster!