Home Sweet Home

The residential property manager ought to be prepared for just about anything. Partnering with companies that can help you manage any situation will make that task easier, especially in the event of a trauma or undisclosed hoarding situation. Therefore, having a biohazard decontamination company on hand will guarantee quick and efficient turnover. A clean and safe environment will welcome your next tenant. It will also keep you safe!

Why you shouldn’t attempt cleanup yourself

You take certain precautions when you are dealing with the aftermath of a trauma or hoarding situation. For example, if there is a need for emergency personnel to access the scene, please be sure to clear a pathway for them and keep the area free and clear of staff or other tenants. Treat bodily fluids or blood as medical waste. Do not attempt to clean or decontaminate it yourself. Call a professional decontamination company to ensure all areas that are affected are properly cleaned and medical waste is disposed of properly. Bloodborne pathogens that cause diseases such as, hepatitis B and C, as well as, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) could be present. Nevertheless, there is no need to expose yourself or others to these potential hazards.

We handle a multitude of biohazard management services for individuals, businesses and government agencies. Offering trauma clean-up in one of the services we extend to property managers after a homicide, suicide or undiscovered death. Our approach to this situation is to thoroughly assess the environment to provide the least interruption and most effective solution. After our assessment, we coordinate all aspects of cleanup. We remediate areas where health hazards are present and restore the area to a healthy living environment. We have everyone’s safety at the forefront of our minds and are knowledgeable in minimizing the hazardous exposure for you, your employees and other tenants.

Your time is valuable

There will be many tasks at hand for you to handle after a trauma or hoarding incident. Let the professionals handle the cleaning and decontamination, while you take care of other matters. Depending on the situation, you may need to contact authorities or next of kin. News travels fast in a multifamily complex. Talk to neighbors and address their concerns before gossip spreads false facts. If needed, contacting the insurance company could take many hours out of your days. Your time is valuable and therefore should be spent on tasks like these.

Bio Solutions is a full-service decontamination and clean-up company. We partner with property managers to provide efficient and superior service. After a trauma or hoarding incident, we can restore the unit to a clean and healthy living environment quickly. The unit will rent again, right away. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that a reputable company is taking care of getting your unit back on the rental market and call Bio Solutions today.